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What You Need to Consider when Selecting a Telephone System

For any business, communication is not a factor to underrate. You need it, your employees need it, your clients want it, and for sure your business can’t do without it. And yet, even with this understanding of communication, business owners still don’t take it as seriously. The only way a perfectly laid out plan and be implemented to the tee, is through proper communication. Effective business communication also incorporates the telecommunication aspects. The growth in other communication channels has resulted in the abandonment of business phone systems. But don’t be fooled at all since you’re a telephone system is still a vital tool for sales and support. Whether you are going with a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system, IP PBX or a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), you must pick your telephone system right. What parameters then do you evaluate in a phone system?

The nature of your business in terms of scale is a good starting point. Is your current setup one that is absolutely new or seeking to expand its current telephone system? This is vital since some systems like PBX will need a prior installation of infrastructure. Pick a telephone system that has easy and smooth transition. If you are starting your venture, then go for the virtual setup for ease of operation and installation. If you already have the resources in place, including the landlines, then you can start the upgrading process in phases.

Think also about the locations that your company has. Do you have one prevailing point of operation or are you functioning form various areas? The demands of the business environment today may be such that having multiple locations is advantageous. For sure the not-so-small-matter of telephone systems will have to feature in this discussions. Now, modern telephone systems allow you to integrate various locations of the business in a single phone system. Therefore, if you operate in multiple areas or you intend to expand geographically, go for a telephone system that is scalable and easy to assimilate across the different locations.

Again, look into the calling volume. Analyze keenly, the number of calls that your system will handle throughout the year. This is vital since, in some businesses, it is the seasons that dictate the call volume. An analog telephone system would suit a scenario where there is heavy call volume. If your team is crazy large, an analog connection may take time to install while a digital one may present reliability issues. Nonetheless, if the massive call volume is linked to seasonal activity, then a virtual system will do as it offers better flexibility.

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